Cookie policy

At the time you use our website we can send you a data file which is called cookie. It could be send to your device or computer.

Visiting our website you create browse and search experience that’s why we need to use different kinds of cookies to help us to form your preferences and provide efficient service. The others are implemented to create advertising and form statistics of the site visits.

There two known cookie types: session ones are stored in the computer’s memory and are automatically deleted after your finish the session. Persistent are stored on the computer and are not deleted after you close the browser. They are used to retain user preferences for the website for them to be used in future browsing sessions.

Cookies are used

  • To remember your choice when you are logged in to your account (personal data and location)
  • Browser settings and plug ins
  • To store information about our website use

How can cookies be useful?

Strain925 website cares about you to remember the settings and offers both personalized and optimized experience.

We make use of the following cookies:

  1. Card – the association with your shopping card (for logged in customers only) – applies to logged in customers only
  2. User uniqueness is recorded by anonymous ID which belongs to one user only
  3. Traffic calculation, navigation record and the way you found our website is examined by _utmz

Sharing cookies data

Your personal information would not be sold or shared to third parties.

Control the cookies use

Most cookies are automatically accepted by web browsers and your use of this website constitutes your consent to this website setting cookies on your computer or other device.


Web browsers make it possible to disable cookies. In the case you don’t want this website to set cookies on your computer or other device you should either not use this site and delete any Strain925 cookies that may have been placed or change the settings in your website browser to disable cookies. Thus we recommend you to leave cookies due to advantageous features  proposed at our website