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The jewelry design studio V.HARARUK was founded in 2000, as a creative project of designer Victor Hararuk. Studio services – design, modeling and manufacture of luxury jewelry. The activity of V.Hararuk is quite famous in Ukraine and abroad. Decorations with interesting design, stones of investment quality always attract the attention of those who understand precious objects. The studio has gained vast experience in the production of unique items of jewelry, using new technologies on the line with traditional techniques. The result – prize-winning places at international jewelry design competitions, expert work, development of design jewelry lines for other companies.

And here, the time has come. The collection in drawings, notes and sketches was thrown into the production boiler of magical rebirth in jewelry. They were gorgeous, unseen fresh, strange, futuristic.

It ‘s been a few years since. Finally, the first samples came to light.







Project is A result of demonstration of Victor’s creative ambitions of which could not be opened in luxury a segment for a number of reasons. Ambitions which in the form of the finished project, were hidden in boxes waited for the time.

Production had to be converted and a separate technological system capable of producing a future collection in sufficient quantity had to be created. The team was confident in commercial success, so the work was carried out ardently and quickly. Special modeling plugins have been created to simplify billing on finished forms. Billing that would not require much time during the production phase. This is an important moment, because the collection will be constantly updated and evolved in the future. The next generation of almost complete renewal studio intends to demonstrate in 2021 and 2023. The most interesting of the sets of updated generations will certainly participate in competitions of jewelry designs. In our time it is important to be in the vanguard of events related to our activities. The world around us is changing very dynamically, and studio V.HARARUK has intentions and all possible conditions – to be among the first. What the whole studio team is working together.


«Something alive comes into lifeless and starts new life. A tiny living thing will change the negligible existence of an infinite uninhabited world. It will move and grow and pulsate and breathe in all the forms and colors of the universe.
And there will be no end to it. Because great is the desire for life in the tiniest of its creations...»
A.Trofimov (writing dreamer)
Canada, Toronto



Everything changes everywhere. The Universe changes. The greatness of genesis, the next evolutionary rebirth of a tiny grain into majestic sequoia – changes. Turns of spirals of great existence around us and in ourselves.

“We eat antelopes, but when we die, juicy grass grows at the site of our death, which is eaten by the antelopes that we eat.” (Lion. Brother Musaf)

In the universe, countless worlds disappear every moment. And to me it came in imagination and the seed of sequoia itself, helplessly wandering in a state of anabiosis somewhere between galaxies, holding in itself the genetic code of the missing, for reasons unknown to me, developed a form of life. Moving at random, this mole wanders in search of an incredible accident – to be drawn by the mass of an unknown cosmic body. With the hope that this body will not kill immediately, but will give an opportunity to revive everything that disappeared in the distant past on a tiny blue planet in the Milky Way galaxy.


I will not say much and list the worthy. Those who have reached this place will certainly want to be involved in my story. Speaking the language of marketers, STRAIN925 – decorations for active, certainly purposeful, romantic nature.

This collection is perfect for people seeking knowledge, seeking to make our lives clean and safe. People reading and not limited by the depths of dreams about the universe, regardless of age.

Now STRAIN925 is in you and you ‘re in it.


Our little enemies are viruses. Small microorganisms, spores that affect our lives. In fact, viruses simply survive, as any form of life would seek to survive. We also seek to survive. Viruses try to master us and for that we kill them. The enemy that doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. The weak die, the strongest survive. We change, the virus also mutates and leaves no attempt.

Eternal conflict between life and death. Eternal struggle for life, for the promotion of the genus for another generation. And in this conflict, we inevitably choose to live. We love and want to live. But at the same time, we have the same ecosystem, we are on the same planet, with the same address, somewhere in the spiral of the Milky Way. Are we ourselves a dangerous creature capable of destroying ourselves?

My collection is a way of life and a warning for humanity. We do not take care of our home, bringing great harm with our reckless actions. We’re in the growth of technological progress, in the heat of rapid movement to enrichment, we don’t have time to consider the danger of our own greatness. And it may happen that a minute before the universe ends, we will be forced to send capsules with elementary forms of life – wandering in distant space in search of refuge to start over.

My collection says that there is always hope for common sense. My collection says that man must remember the benefits and the harms of his temporary stay here on earth. I can ‘t express that opinion in scientific work because I am not a scientist. I can ‘t express it with a novel because I am not a writer. And I can ‘t change everything at once because I am not God. I try to show it in jewelry like a jeweler and designer.

So, my jewelry is a possible consequence of the fact that everything didn’t happen very well for humanity. And by destroying ourselves, we were gone. And someone smart managed to send capsules with elementary forms of life, in the hope that in the distant future the Earth ‘s race could be revived under certain circumstances. And our elementary, yet found itself a refuge, though not the most successful, but suitable for trying to start everything again. It ‘s a planet abandoned by someone, or a substance that doesn’t know any form of life. And everything will change very quickly. Several survivors on an infinitely long journey of cells will begin there, full of evolutionary transformations and movement.

Modern history. New life. New civilisation.


Two beginnings.

First – an unusual organization, a necromorphic emptiness gnawed by radiation and cold space. It has been long forgotten in an abandoned fortress.

Second – the found form of life, attracting force in all spheres, new and unfinished processes of new life ..

Of the metals suitable for jewelry, I had to choose an inexpensive and well-processed material of cold color and subject to deep oxidation. Platinum is quite expensive and has a high melting point. Titanium, affordable, not expensive, but the same processing difficulties. Aluminum suitable on all sides, but is not widely known as a material for jewelry and may not be perceived by the market. Silver is the right choice and probably the only one. Ideal for all technical and economic parameters. And in it. it is easy to show the texture of another’s futuristic surface unusual to our imagination.

What jewelry material can convey a small form of life? Spores, laid eggs and still look beautiful…Pearls. I found the smallest grown pearls in the world. They are in the shell and come in a few pieces of one millimeter or more. This is deficient material, but still available. Pearls – the beginning, the birth of new life. And multicolored semi-precious stones – life itself in various manifestations. Range of colors and shapes, kaleidoscopic in combinations. Garnet, labradorite, agate, chalcedony, topaz, citrine, cornelian of various forms and sizes. Faceted and in cabochons.

I will reveal a little secret, the second generation STRAIN925 will include silicone elements and enamels. We will evolve and mutate into bizarre organisms along with my futuristic, fantastic, fictional story. And it will be great…

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